Screen Printing huge canvases !

Recently we have been challenged to screen print almost to the limits of how big can we go! Two different customers asked us to print onto canvas using our biggest screen size.

These two large canvases were screen printed in 3 colours with the final layer having gold leaf applied by hand after printing. Printed as a mirrored pair, based on an image of a tree canopy, they required us to prepare 4 individual screens and to hand paint the base layer.

When artist ‘H’ approached us to screen print 2 editions of his ‘Hirst/Warhol/Skull’ artwork onto 2 different sizes of canvas we jumped at the challenge.

The largest edition was too big for our screen table so we constructed a special table to enable us to print them !

Both editions were screen printed in black onto canvases which had been hand painted by the artist in advance in a range of colours.